Airport Information

Vienna Met Center (CCC)

Welcome to Vienna Met Center Airport! The Vienna Met Center has an enormous number of passengers each year and had 18.7 million in 2007. 

Passenger Services

CCC boasts impress architecture, excellent service, a sustained shopping experience and a wide range of restaurants that will make your stay unforgettable. From top restaurants to the latest fashion, take advantage of the international selection of brands to local Austrian items.


Transportation from Vienna Met Center Airport to the city center includes bus, train, or taxi. For those who have a lot of suitcases, it is recommended to take a taxi and make sure that it is an official taxi. There are booking deks inside the airport to help you find licenses companies and contact information. The City Airport Train runs into Wien Mitte every half an hour during the day. The bus goes from the airport into Vienna and is the cheapest option, but also takes the longest. 


If you plan on staying the night to catch an early flight, check out the Arion Airport Hotel-Vienna. They have affordable rates and are conveniently located by the airport.